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Thermal imaging is an impressive way to identify any inconsistencies within the building structure by measuring heat patterns and translating them into visible light. It is a very effective way of spotting issues that may have developed due to lack of insulation, plumbing leaks, moisture, heat/air conditioning, structural issues, etc.

Home Science Inspection provides Thermal imaging services in Keene to identify the root cause of issues and help you understand whether or not you should spend your hard earned money on trying to fix them. Our certified inspectors possess a high level of expertise and advanced equipment to save you from an issue that can become a grave danger in the coming years.

Why is Thermal Imaging Important?

We invest hundreds of dollars each year to keep our homes and offices energy-efficient. To ensure the safety of our homes and offices, it is important to understand if there are any issues developing that are getting unnoticed. Our home inspectors can shed light on all such damages that may have occurred over time due to poor maintenance of the building.

Often when a building is made with poor building construction practices, there may be a lot of hidden defects that may cause expensive repairs in the future. Thermal imaging can spot such trivial issues also and bring to your attention any installation damages that may have occurred during the construction.

How Thermal Imaging Helps

With regular wear and tear. over time every home is prone to have some or the other issues that may have built up in the background without any major sign of it on the outside. Such issues can only be discovered successfully with thermal imaging.

For instance, if there is moisture trapped behind the walls it can slowly but eventually lead to mold growth without the homeowner being aware of its presence. By helping you identify the source and extent of damage, thermal imaging helps you adopt remedies for mold removal.

Our home inspectors at Home Science Inspection are qualified infrared thermographers who can help you keep your home and offices safe with the generated thermal images to analyze building structures and spot issues within them.