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We provide exceptional Home Inspection Services

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Pre-Listing (sellers) Inspection
Sell your home more quickly, more easily, and for more money with a pre-listing inspection
Pre-Purchase (buyers) Inspection
Know the condition of your investment with a pre-purchase inspection.
Thermal Imaging
Included with all Pre-listing and Pre-purchase inspections!
Custom Maintenance Plan for your home!
WETT Certification
Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
Radon Measurement and Analysis
Pool and Spa Inspection
Septic and Well
Upon client request,well and septic inspections can be conducted to ensure functionality and integrity of these systems.

Viewing Inspections

When a complete inspection is not possible, a Viewing Inspection can be conducted when the client is viewing the home even for the first time.

Book by sharing the viewing date and time and the Inspector will meet the client at the home and view the potential purchase with them.

  • Focuses on condition of major home systems.
  • Test major appliances.
  • Address observed concerned from the client.
  • Provides a higher level of due diligence before an offer is made.
  • The cost of the Viewing Inspection is deducted from the cost of a complete inspection if the client chooses a complete inspection after purchase.

Virtual Inspections

Provides another option for a Viewing Inspection with little notice. Focus on condition of major home systems.

  • Observe all major systems of the home.
  • Few hours notice required to test connectivity and review process with the client.
  • Address concerns observed by the client.
  • Provides a higher level of due diligence before an offer is made.
  • The cost of the Virtual Inspection is deducted from the cost of a complete inspection if the client chooses to complete the inspection after purchase.

Pre-Listing (sellers) Inspection

Value for Seller

$375.00 for homes up to 3500 square feet.
$425.00 for homes greater than 3500 square feet.

  • Same thorough inspection and report as a pre-purchase inspection. See Below
  • Provides confidence building transparency for buyers to reduce conditions, support the listing price, and facilitate the deal.
  • Greatly reduces the chances of an unexpected reduction in the selling price.
  • Reduces sellers liability.
  • Provides the seller an opportunity to enhance the home to maximize the selling price.

Pre-Purchase (buyers) Inspection

Value for buyer

$375.00 for homes up to 3500 square feet.
$425.00 for homes greater than 3500 square feet.

  • Gain more knowledge of your investment and your family’s new home.
  • Inspection are both interactive and informative.
  • We employ standard methods and better tools to ensure a thorough and consistent inspection.
  • Thermal imagining is included with all onsite inspections.
  • An easy to follow report will be provided within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • Reports contain color coded sections, tables, recommendations, and observations which makes it easy for the reader to understand and reference the important information.
  • General Home reference Library of information included.
  • Custom Maintenance Plan are also included arming our clients with operational and maintenance knowledge specific to the homes built in appliances.

Thermal Imaging Analysis

Included with all onsite inspections. Providing a more value to our clients!
LARGE SQUARE SIZELack of Insulation
LARGE SQUARE SIZEUniformity of insulation
LARGE SQUARE SIZEDamaged material
LARGE SQUARE SIZEOver Amperage Conductor
LARGE SQUARE SIZEPest Infiltration

Level 1 Certification

$200.00 Or
$100.00 add on to the base cost of an onsite inspection.
Appliances include:

Site built fireplaces

Fireplace inserts

Wood stoves space heaters

Wood cook stoves

Pellet stoves

Solid fuel furnaces

Solid fuel boilers


Inspection of solid fuel burning
appliances often required for
insurance purposes.

Radon Measurement
and Analysis

Residential Radon Measurement & Analysis $200.00 or
+$100.00 add on to the cost of an onsite inspection.

Please call for pricing on public buildings.

Your home is not only an investment it’s your family’s sanctuary for which you should feel safe.

On average Canadians spend 18 hours per day in their homes and perhaps even more as more of us work from home during these challenging times.

Reducing the quantity of air borne particulates in your home by changing the forced air filter regularly is an easy task a home owner can do to help maintain better air quality.

Radon however cannot be filtered but is still quite easy to mitigate but action is only required if levels in the home exceed 200 Bq/m3. Health Canada therefore recommends that every homeowner test their home for radon to determine if mitigation is necessary.

LARGE SQUARE SIZERadon Measurement and Analysis
Home Science Inspection Services offers
Radon Measurement and Analysis for
residential and public building.

What is Radon?

Radon is a tasteless, odourless and invisible radioactive gas that results from decaying uranium, and is a leading cause of lung cancer.

Radon filters up from the ground and into the air. It can enter buildings through openings where the buildings contact the ground. In the outdoors, radon is diluted to low levels. Inside buildings, however, radon can build up to harmful, concentrated levels. Breathing increased levels of radon increases a person’s chance of developing lung cancer. In fact, Radon is linked to 16% of lung cancer deaths. It is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, and the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

LARGE SQUARE SIZEContinuous Monitoring

LARGE SQUARE SIZEElectret Ion Chamber


Home Science Inspection Services performs short or long term tests.

A short term test (48 hours) is recommended to determine quickly if there is a need for a long term test and to provide a general idea of the Radon levels in the home.

A long term test (90 day) is recommended as follow up to the short term test and is required to determine if mitigation is necessary.

We utilize both continuous monitoring and Electret ion chamber devices to measure the conditions in the home.

Complete radon assessments of larger (multi-floor, multi-wing) public buildings can also be completed. Cost will depend on scope of work therefore please inquire for a quote either by email or phone.

Well and
Septic Inspection

$350 or +$275 add-on to base inspection price.

Condition of well casing/tile
Functionality of pump/pressure tank
Water quality

Condition of tank
Performance of drainage
System functionality

Pool and
Spa Inspection

+$75 add-on to base inspection price.

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